Essential mom skills, 9-12 months

You thought that after a year of changing diapers countless times per day, you knew how to do it? Lemme throw you a poop covered curve ball.

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a few more essential mom skills, this time for the 9-12 month set. What’s that you say? My baby is fifteen months old? That sounds fake, but okay.  I started this post months ago. Let’s just take a moment to consider that if this little blog is running 3-6 months behind schedule, what might that suggest about the rest of my life?

Anyway, I woke up today to a fully mobile toddler slamming a bell next to my head repeatedly. I don’t know what time it was, but it was definitely still dark. Let’s just dive in.

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Essential mom skills

If you’re drinking lots of water (so you don’t whither into dust while nursing) while also recovering from childbirth… let’s just say your bladder might not make it until naptime.

Since we’re almost three months in to this whole mom thing, I am pretty much an expert. I’d like to share a few favorite essential mom skills with you:
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Coffee in an IV

My life today. Sleep deprivation is definitely accumulative.
The only problem is I am without my usual handsome barista and must fend for myself once this first giant cup of coffee is gone. So the question is, will I find a way to make more coffee while holding a squirming two week old, or will I pull myself together enough to walk us both one block to the local coffee shop before it’s too late for coffee?
It would’ve been smart to have kids earlier in life, back in the good old days when there was no such thing as “too late for coffee.” Too bad there was no such thing as “reliable income” or “stable relationship” either.