Essential mom skills, part 2

I have literally never loved my dog so much as when I see her come running to lick up baby barf that has puddled on the floor. And my arm. And the baby’s arm, and his shirt, and his face. He likes it, I swear.

Well folks, we made it through the first four months. It hasn’t been too bad! It’s actually been pretty great. I always feel like I’m tempting fate when I talk about how well things are going, how easy going my baby is, how well he sleeps used to sleep, and how generally manageable this whole baby/motherhood thing has been so far. But we’ve had our challenges, and I’ve definitely learned a few things since my last collection of Essential Mom Skills.

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Essential mom skills

If you’re drinking lots of water (so you don’t whither into dust while nursing) while also recovering from childbirth… let’s just say your bladder might not make it until naptime.

Since we’re almost three months in to this whole mom thing, I am pretty much an expert. I’d like to share a few favorite essential mom skills with you:
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I’m a great mom, part 2

Wyatt woke up with a stuffy nose, so I declared a sick day: we’re not going anywhere, we’re not doing anything, and we’re wearing pajamas all day. Well, he’s a baby, so he wears pajamas every day, and I’m a stay at home mom, so frankly it’s a fine line. What sick day really means is we watched an embarrassing number of Veep episodes, and made no-bake cookies. Y’know. To help him feel better.