Hi! I’m Amelia. I’m a (relatively) new mom to Wyatt. who is known by a multitude of names including Honey Buns, Sugar Bug, Sugar Bear, and of course, Baby Bear.

This blog is where I record anecdotes from my new life as a mom, as well as thoughts about identity, work/life/baby balance, and nagivating a difficult world.

Since leaving behind my 40-50 hour work weeks managing holistic spas, I’ve taken up the 168 (is that all?) hour job of a work from home mom to an increasingly active and wacky little boy. I work as the office manager for the Midwives’ Association of Washington State, sporadic administrative assistant to my midwife, and recently began training and working toward DONA certification as a birth doula. You can learn a little about doulas and check out my business page here: Amelia K. Bowler, Tacoma Birth Doula.