I’m Amelia. I’m a brand new mom to Wyatt, who is known by a multitude of names including Honey Buns, Sugar Bug, Sugar Bear, and of course, Baby Bear.

I’ve worked in the natural health and wellness industry since 2009, doing everything from selling organic produce to managing holistic spas. My oldest-child bossiness paired with a merciless desire to improve myself (and others, let’s be real) has driven me into leadership positions again and again, culminating with managing two locations of a high volume spa. I worked long days and was constantly on call. I loved the business, my coworkers, and our clientele, but I had little energy left over for anything else. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew something would have to change. I talked to my (awesome) boss about shorter days, more flexible hours, and more time working from home after the baby came. She was supportive, and it seemed like a solid plan. Of course nothing goes as planned, and a few months later my husband accepted a job offer that would move us back home to the Seattle area, where we could raise our kid with an abundance of support from nearby family and friends. I would leave my beloved job and cherished identity as boss lady, and become a stay at home mom.
Which brings us to today. My life has changed immeasurably since the day in July that I saw the second line on the pregnancy test (and on the second, third, and fourth tests). Instead of a carefully cultivated customer service voice that stays calm no matter the situation, I hear myself speak in pet names and sing-songs (but not baby talk! I’ll save that rant for another post.) and genuine laughter at the sweet sounds and faces Wyatt makes countless times per day. My body has changed, and the way I feel about it has changed. A good day is measured not by X-thousands of dollars in sales achieved, but by whether I managed to dry and fold the diapers, or just left them in the washer until they started to smell weird. And now that I’m coming out of the haze of immediate postpartum recovery and learning to meet the basic needs of a newborn, I have a little time to think about who I am, living this new life.